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Geography by Mind Map: Geography

1. Farming

1.1. Subsistence

1.1.1. Grown your own food for yourselve

1.2. Commercial

1.2.1. Farmers who sell there crop/food for money

1.3. Plantation

1.3.1. Only one crop being grown on large scale

1.4. Intensive

1.4.1. Growing crops on a large scale using pesticides and fertilizers.

1.5. Extensive

1.5.1. Same as intensive but without using pesticides and fertilizers

1.6. Arable

1.6.1. Growing crops on a flat land

1.7. Pastoral

1.7.1. Rearing animals New node

1.8. Mixed

1.8.1. Rearing animals and growing crops

2. Inputs

2.1. Physical

2.1.1. Weather-rainfall/ temperature/ seasons

2.1.2. Type of soil

2.1.3. Relief (height) New node

2.2. Human

2.2.1. Technology

2.2.2. Capital (Money)

2.2.3. Labor (workers)

2.2.4. Distance from market

2.2.5. Transportation

2.2.6. Size of farm/ land

3. Food (fruit and veg)

3.1. Why does the UK import fruit and veg

3.1.1. Fair trade

3.1.2. Land space

3.1.3. Cheaper

3.1.4. Wider variety of food from differnt countries New node

3.1.5. More exotic

3.1.6. UK climate not hot enough to grow exotic fruits

3.2. Pros for importing food/veg

3.2.1. Get it all year round

3.2.2. Wider variety

3.3. Cons for importing fruit/veg

3.3.1. Co2 from the ships

3.3.2. If the countries that sell the food fail we don't get any food New node

3.3.3. 25% of all greenhouse gases are from ships importing foods

3.3.4. The UK relies to heavily on import and is losing the ability to feed itself

4. Diversification

4.1. Holiday accomadation

4.2. Restaurant

4.3. Shop

4.4. Garden centre

4.5. Visitor centre

4.6. Craft workshop

5. GM Crops

5.1. Pros

5.1.1. Can have fruit and veg all year round

5.1.2. Added vitamins and minerals

5.1.3. Quicker to grow Produce more Sell more

5.1.4. Can grow in different enviroments eg. Growing tomato's in deserts

5.1.5. Not effected by bugs/pests

5.2. Cons

5.2.1. Don't know whats in them

5.2.2. might have side effects leads to diseases/ death

5.2.3. Could effects people with allergies

5.2.4. Need labs which cost money

5.2.5. Adding chemicals could be less appling