Our Life in pandemic:)

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Our Life in pandemic:) by Mind Map: Our Life in pandemic:)

1. Familiar:

1.1. Negative:

1.1.1. Among the negative aspect, it occurs if some people could not be with their families because of the pandemic, for example that they did not manage to pass the quarantine with their families but in another part. In addition, communication and relationships between families may have improved or worsened.

1.2. Positive:

1.2.1. In the family aspect, most of it is positive, since most of the time we spent in quarantine, we were with our family, we were also able to live with our family for a long time, since we did not do so much before the pandemic.

2. Personal:

2.1. On the negative side, I think that this put me a little away from my friends since there were days when I really didn't want to answer the cell phone, I feel that it is negative since today I miss them a lot

2.2. On the positive side, I think I can grow a lot as a person, get away from really toxic people in my life who weren't my friends.

3. Academic

3.1. Positive:

3.1.1. A big part of my friends have better notes than in the college, different reasons are behind this; the facilities of google a click of distance, the communication with friends by whatsapp, different way to evaluate the assignatures and other benefits that men the virtuality.

3.2. Negative:

3.2.1. The most difficult part of learning at home is kwon if you are truly learning the same as if we are in a classroom studying. Another negative point is that you have all the responsibility to pay attention and make all your homeworks at time but at home the distractions are a difficult challenge.

4. 💰Economic

4.1. Positive:

4.1.1. 💸PBI (Internal product of Colombia) in the third quarter of 2020 grew by 8.7% compared to the previous quarter, helping the economy not to be so declining

4.2. Negative

4.2.1. 💳We were able to show problems such as: Fiscal deficit and indebtedness, Inflation and exchange rate, Economic growth and unemployment.

5. Social

5.1. Positive

5.1.1. We got to know more people in social media that were going through the same as us for a change.

5.1.2. We changed our ways and use social media to connect with our friends and family in important events.

5.2. Negative

5.2.1. We had a change of pace and felt so lonely because we couldn't see our friends.

5.2.2. We lost contact with some of our friends or family.