Customer's experience when chasing an order

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Customer's experience when chasing an order by Mind Map: Customer's experience when chasing an order

1. What does business need to do?

1.1. New node

1.1.1. New node New node

2. Describe steps for customer journey

2.1. Awareness: Customer is made aware of the promotion or offer

2.1.1. Evaluation: Customer is empowered/allowed to evaluate the offer New node

3. Who's responsible within the business?

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4. Upload and Share Youtube Videos

5. Upload and Share Documents and Illustrations

6. Discussion Feed

7. What impact does this have on the business?

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8. What is customer's emotional state?

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9. Mapping Customer Journeys

10. Share Best Practices (what people, process and technology aspects could be improved to deliver memorable customer experience)

10.1. People

10.2. Process

10.3. Technology

10.4. Quick Wins

10.5. Strategy

11. Is this a moment of truth?

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11.1.1. New node New node

12. What does customer need to do?

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