Are you dealing with a copyrighted work

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Are you dealing with a copyrighted work by Mind Map: Are you dealing with a copyrighted work

1. Yes, Does it bear a Creative Commons license? Check for license symbols: CC BY, BY-SA, BY-NC, BY-ND, BY-NC-SA, BY-NC-ND

1.1. Yes, follow Creative Commons Guidelines

1.2. No, Is the work licensed by the University?

1.2.1. Yes, Copyright is covered. Check with your department on how you can use the materials

1.2.2. No, Is there legal exemption to copyright Yes, check Section 110(1) for face-to-face classroom, Section 110(2) for digital transmission, or DMCA exemptions Maybe, consider Fair Use exemption (this is vague and risky, so use it as a last option) No, seek permission to use the work. This may include paying a fee or royalties.

2. No, it is public domain (most works created prior to 1924 - as of Jan 1, 2019- are in the public domain