Seven Habits of Successful Students

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Seven Habits of Successful Students by Mind Map: Seven Habits of Successful Students

1. Organization

1.1. Use your own method to organize for tasks or projects

1.2. Find a system that works for you

2. Passion

2.1. Passion can motivate you and give you energy.

2.1.1. It gives you interest in learning and for keep going.

2.2. Choose an area that interested you

2.2.1. Sometimes you find the passion when you are already in the career.

3. Social support

3.1. It's important paying attention to our important relationships

3.2. Socialize and create study groups

3.3. Friends, family, classmates and close people have an important part in each person's life.

4. Talk to professors

4.1. Talk to professors will make the classes more interesting

4.2. Ask during and after the class, It can be helpful

4.3. You can receive help from them

5. Strategic and resourceful

5.1. Use all the resources you have next to you for learn new things

5.2. Keep thinking about what's next

5.3. You can ask for assistance

6. Balance

6.1. Balance all your life: school, friends, healthy food, sleep, etc.

6.2. Keep energy in importants parts of your life

7. Committed

7.1. Commitment with yourself for to be successful

7.2. Do what it takes to be successful