"Caged Bird" By Maya Angelou

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"Caged Bird" By Maya Angelou by Mind Map: "Caged Bird" By Maya Angelou

1. Free Birds

1.1. Achieves freedom

1.2. Lives as it pleases

1.3. Privileged

1.4. Free

1.5. Leaps, floats and dips it's wings

1.6. Life comes at them on a silver platter

1.7. Allowed to roam

1.8. Dignified

2. Caged Birds

2.1. Longs for an escape

2.2. Suffers in captivity

2.3. Limited

2.4. Slaved

2.5. Has never tasted freedom, hence sings for it

2.6. Harsh reality due to how confined they are

2.7. Chained down by bars

2.8. Desperate