Types of possessives

types of possessives

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Types of possessives by Mind Map: Types of possessives

1. Possesive adjectives

1.1. show the possession of ownership or express close relationship with someone or something

1.1.1. My, your, his/her/its, our, their examples: that is my bike, that is her pencil, there are their dog

2. Possessive Pronous

2.1. Denotes ownership of a person, place or thing.

2.1.1. Mine, yours, his/her/its, ours, theirs examples: that car is mine, that house is yours, thait house is ours

3. Possessive nouns

3.1. shows ownership defined as a person, thing, idea or quality

3.1.1. change the noun to possessive noun adding "´s" example: Jantet = janet's, that is janet's car, the tree's are green almost the year