How does energy impacted our lives in this modern society?

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How does energy impacted our lives in this modern society? by Mind Map: How does energy impacted our lives in this modern society?

1. Harmful Gasses

1.1. Methane, Carbon Dioxide that are being produced during production.

2. It takes a lot of land and water resources to produce energy.

2.1. By this, it worsens the CO2 emissions.

3. Conventional energy source

3.1. Helpful for improving a country's economy, but on the other hand, some poor environmental impacts of these resources have bound us to use these resources within certain limits and have diverted our thinking towards renewable energy resources.

4. Renewable energy

4.1. It is created from natural processes that are replenished continuously. Sunlight, geothermal heat, wind, tides, water and different types of biomass are involved in this. This energy can not be drained and it is continuously being refreshed.

5. Wind Power Energy

5.1. It is considered one of the most reliable sources of renewable energy, followed by hydropower, photovoltaic and geothermal energy. Since these tools are known to be renewable energy resources, they can be beneficial for greenhouse effect mitigation and global warming effects.

6. Life Status of the people

6.1. The proper use of renewable energy systems will achieve local jobs, improved health, work opportunities, job formation, consumer choice, improvement of living standards, creation of social bonds, income development, demographic effects, creation of social bonds, and community development.

7. Variation of output due to seasonal change

7.1. Unique design and consideration are therefore needed for wind and hydroelectric power plants, which are fulfilled by the hardware and software due to the advancement in computer technology.

8. Transportation

8.1. More than seventy percent of the oil used goes to the transport field. All vehicles, from private cars to trucks to buses and motorcycles, are part of the transport industry. Aircraft, trains, ships and pipelines are also included.