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Leadership Traits- Strengths and Weaknesses by Mind Map: Leadership Traits- Strengths
and Weaknesses
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Leadership Traits- Strengths and Weaknesses

Weakness- Bearing

Bearing is the trait that I need to improve on to be come a successful leader. Bearing means the action to control gestures, look relaxed and confidence. I personally think that this trait is necessary when becoming an effective leader because this gives a positive impact on the community. You seem calm, so you are transmitting confidence, you are assuring that everything will turn up to be all right. Also this trait is effective because you speak firmly you don’t have doubts with what you are offering. You don’t loose your temper you maintain the respect for other peers, you control your emotions and keep your ideas strongly on your mind, convince people that what you are offering is better and greater, and you show that you are 100 percent sure with what the future may hold upon us.  An example of me requiring this trait has been when performing an oral presentation. I have the custom to talk fast and lack on confidence. I repeat words in large amounts and I have the custom to forget the topic and look extremely nervous. This characteristics show that I need to be more bearing is more out there push myself to take risks.  The second example is that I lack on bearing on class discussions. I don’t speak up, I prefer to listen and look confused when really I should be standing up taking initiative on projects talking firmly about the topic that is discussed, talk clearly instead of backing down. Finally the last example is that I don’t show the trait bearing in class groups. This is because I prefer to take charge and do everything my way, finish everything quickly and never hear suggestions or opinions. Or any way that we could improve the project, because doing that will delay my schedule, since I like everything fast and done on time, and mostly I loose my temper and do it all myself. Being bearing makes an effective leader since you may gain admirers, people who admire you for your job or for your accomplishments.

Mahatma Gandhi


One of the leadership traits that I have been able to establish has been integrity: synonym of honest, this trait has taken place throughout my fourteen years of life, sharing this trait has made me become a better person and made me become someone who can be trusted and respected.  I have shown this characteristic throughout my life, by demonstrating each one of the members of my community that I have the potential to become a role model. A situation that I have demonstrated to show integrity is when visiting Cayetano Heredia. My team and I have been going throughout the past month to Cayetano Heredia to help children who have bad nutrition or who are sick. What I have been doing is going to help them by bringing games, decorating the walls or having a friendlier environment for the children and for the moms. I have showed integrity, at my first visit, when promising them that there will be results for our trips to their temporary homes. That’s what my team and I have accomplished since then, we have fixed all material that needed to be changed and have helped the children by donating blankets for their health and magazines for the mom’s entertainment so they can distract themselves from the pressure of seeing their child in that state. Another example where I show integrity is on a place that I spend most of my time at, the kiosk. I show that I am an honest person when paying my bills. I have been paying my bills for the past year because; I need to gain Jannina’s trust, because if that doesn’t occur, she won’t be able to lend me money again. That’s why I follow my words, and take action with what I promise. The last example that could be mentioned about me possessing the trait integrity, has been when turning homework in, I am honest when putting my whole effort, and have tried to achieve my greatest capacity, by making my teacher proud, even though it just has an ATL grade, I am convinced that the work given should be accomplished, to achieve the learning process in which the school has provided us, this is how I show honesty and I accomplish the learning process by giving 100% of my effort. The following examples give a concrete description of how to be an effective leader. This trait allows me to become an effective leader because being a leader is more than just becoming an icon you need to become someone who has their whole cooperation and mind to their community first, someone who never lies. This trait will bring organization and integrity making the person become trust worthy and reliable. Your community knows that what you are saying is going to be done effectively and on time. They know that if you give your word that it will be done

Abraham Lincoln


Another trait that I posses is being a dependable leader, being a dependable leader is being someone who is always on time, never makes excuses, and stays on task. This trait describes a great leader because having this characteristics mentioned take a big part of your leading techniques. You must be someone who stays on task, follows their ambitions and stays true to them selves. I know this because that’s what makes me, a greater leader. This is because when becoming a leader you must be sure with what your ideas are going to be and what are you going to do to help the environment and your community.  Also this leading trait has been useful because getting to become someone who is dependable must take effort, because as I have said before you must be someone who people can rely on and be someone who is willing to change their life styles. An example of me being a dependable leader is when turning in homework. For example if I forget to bring an important homework for humanities class, I don’t blame other people for my mistake I take the responsibility and try to fix it. I don’t make excuses I assume what I have done and take the responsibility and wait for the punishment that has been considered using. Another example is when starting a group project I don’t fight with my peers I put my difference aside and get the work done. I have a greater motivation to get a good grade on my project, other than fighting about what we should do. Finally the last example is on projects that we have approximately 1 day to finish I get it done, regarding the obstacles that may overcome on the process, I loose time with my friends or in social network to get this done and obstacles that may come with in the process may be technology difficulties or missing rubrics. This trait has allowed me to become an effective leader because it has made me become a stronger person with greater ambitions.  

Oprah Winfrey

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