Things That Make Me Feel Good

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Things That Make Me Feel Good by Mind Map: Things That Make Me Feel Good

1. Health

1.1. Sleep/being well rested

1.2. Being active

1.3. Mental wellbeing

2. Loved Ones

2.1. Time spent with friend, family, loved ones

2.2. Receiving support from loved ones

2.3. Seeing loved ones meet milestones

3. My pets

3.1. Cuddling & holding my cats

3.2. Making sure my cats are taken care of

3.3. Playing with my cats

4. My plant business

4.1. Being able to create something with my hands

4.2. Providing others with a handmade gift

4.3. Advocating for being more sustainable and eco-friendly

5. Food

5.1. Trying new foods

5.2. Cooking

5.3. Sharing food experiences with others

6. Traveling

6.1. Experiencing new cultures

6.2. Doing something or seeing something new

6.3. Meeting new people

6.4. Expanding my world knowledge

7. Feeling accomplished

7.1. Getting good grades

7.2. Receiving positive feedback

7.3. Performing well in anything I attempt

8. Being my authentic self

8.1. Being accepted for who I am

8.2. Being liked for who I am/my personality

8.3. Making others happy

8.4. Making others laugh