WW2 Site Web Application

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WW2 Site Web Application by Mind Map: WW2 Site Web Application

1. Developer Problem

1.1. Coding Environment

1.1.1. Analyse data using pre-programmed algorithms Compare WW2 Sites in the area based on site type Use .csv file as a reference to update database on website

1.1.2. Need to find out how to store user input data in our database (Reviews/Stories)

1.1.3. Need to find out how to use code to integrate the SQL data into our website

1.1.4. SQL to select data from multiple tables, filter tables and data of WW2 sites

1.2. Data Environment

1.2.1. Central Database to observe all WW2 sites in Queensland (Open Data Portal) Need to store the type of site (medical facilities) for each site Datasets are in .csv files Source, Suburb, Postcode, Region Only needs to store WW2 sites in the Brisbane West/Ipswich/Darling Downs areas

1.2.2. Need to store user's messages and reviews Need to keep information private due to Privacy Act 1998 Name, Email, Story/Review

1.3. User Interface

1.3.1. Area for users to submit messages/reviews Must validate contact details (name/email)

1.3.2. Administrator interface to upload datasets and reviews MapMe Interactive Map Third Party Software Embed Social Third Party Software

1.3.3. Generate an optional newsletter for the sites in the area Email alerts for new updates and letters

1.3.4. Many sites to receive reviews from Sites to enter reviews South West Regions Darling Downs Ipswich Brisbane West

1.3.5. Usability Principles Safety Accessibility Effectiveness Utility Learnability

1.3.6. Webpage created from client template Can adapt to HTML and CSS changes

2. User Problem

2.1. There are already some existing solutions

2.2. Savannah

2.2.1. Currently doing a research project on historic WW2 sites around the Brisbane West, West Moreton, Darling Downs South West Regions

2.2.2. Interested in medical facilities from WW2

2.2.3. Studying history at school

2.2.4. 16 Years old

2.3. Millie

2.3.1. She has stories passed down from her family that she wants to share

2.3.2. Her great grandfather fought in WW2

2.3.3. She has been researching her ancestry and wants more information of the locations he fought at

2.3.4. 24 Years old

2.4. Sean

2.4.1. 42 Years old

2.4.2. Wants to visit and photograph historic sites for a book he is writing

2.4.3. gathering and compiling stories from historic sites around Queensland

2.4.4. He has been researching WW1 and WW2

3. Client Problem

3.1. Constraints (10 weeks)

3.2. Site data collected but it is needed to be filtered.

3.3. Requirements

3.3.1. Copyright Page

3.3.2. Link to disclaimer page

3.4. Department of Science, Information Technology, and Innovation Queensland Government

3.4.1. Logo

3.4.2. Accessibility Guidelines

3.4.3. Customer Service Template