Empathy Research Plan District 13

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Empathy Research Plan District 13 by Mind Map: Empathy Research Plan District 13

1. Methods Used

1.1. Interview diabetic patients and caretakers

1.1.1. Group interview Coordinate an interview with all team members and a diabetic patient or the caregiver of a diabetic patient where we can ask questions to gather information around our learning objectives. (Zoom Interview)

1.1.2. Utilize individual empathy research tools obtained in previous assignment Review individual empathy experiences to come away with lessons learned in our varying interviews

1.2. Immersive Empathy

1.2.1. Follow the Daily Worksheet of a patient who has diabetes so we can experience how/when they eat.

1.2.2. Track food for 24 hours

1.2.3. Review food items in home Could you put together a diabetic friendly meal with what you have?

2. Expected Learnings

2.1. Have a better understanding of the barriers and shortcomings that caregivers and patients with diabetes face when trying to manage their day to day.

2.2. Develop an advanced understanding of the process used by diabetics

2.3. Identify key characteristics/needs for diabetes management

3. Learning Objectives

3.1. What processes do diabetic patients use today to monitor and manage their diabetes?

3.2. What are the major challenges facing diabetic patients or the caregivers?

3.3. What would help with these challenges and make diabetes management easier?