Cross-culturele websites door Paulus Veltman

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Cross-culturele websites door Paulus Veltman by Mind Map: Cross-culturele websites door Paulus Veltman

1. Webdesign

1.1. Kort overzichtsartikel

1.2. Vermijd eenzijdig beeldgebruik


1.3. 75% of Internet users are non-English speaking

1.4. Look at these aspects:

1.4.1. Metaphors example: shopping cart

1.4.2. Navigation examples

1.4.3. Interaction

1.4.4. Appearance Colors examples

2. Cross-cultural communication

2.1. Fons Trompenaars

2.1.1. Boek: Riding the Waves of Culture

2.1.2. Model: zeven dimensies van cultuur

2.2. Geert Hofstede

2.2.1. Hofstede's Framework for Assessing Culture (vijf dimensies) * individualism vs. collectivism; * power distance; * uncertainty avoidance; * masculinity vs. femininity; and * long-term vs. short-term orientation.

3. Cross-Cultural User-Experience Design

3.1. Aaron Marcus

3.1.1. Slides

4. Richard Ishida, W3C Internationalization Activity

4.1. Practical & Cultural Issues in Designing International Web Sites

4.1.1. slides

4.1.2. Linguistic Issues Enable code translatability right from the start. Don't presume international users can change their settings in an English interface

4.1.3. Cultural issues example: addresses are very differently written example: Japanese ok symbol is different Be careful with symbols based on body language example: left and right in graphs

4.1.4. Recommendations