This brain map is of OnlineUpahar that explains about Product Development

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Onlineupahar by Mind Map: Onlineupahar

1. Goal: Become largest Marketplace for Authentic Nepali Brands & Products (Only Made in Nepal)

2. How? - Through web and mobile application

3. Web & Mobile Application must be user friendly and easy to navigate

4. It should reflect nationalism feelings

5. Objective: 1. Help buyers shop authentic Nepali brands and products nationally and internationally

6. Objective 2: Empower grassroots level farmers, producers, manufacturers by providing largest platform to sell their products and represent their brands nationally and internationally

7. Vision 1: Grow as the largest digital marketplace for buying and selling only Nepal made products from Nepal born brands.

8. Vision 2: Increase and develop production and make in Nepal concepts and contribute to the company's economic growth as well.

9. How the web app should be? Well! It should be branded as gifting marketplace where a buyer can either gift varieties of Nepal made products to themselves or to their loved ones.

10. What kinds of products? Well! the products could be agricultural, apparels, beauty, herbal, etc. but must be produced in Nepal only.

11. The website must be very easy to navigate with simple contents that even a layman could understand

12. We also should be more reliable, fast and convenient in terms of our service both digitally and physically

13. Product Development Side

14. Business Side