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Tema1 by Mind Map: Tema1

1. Requirements engineering

1.1. Requeriments

1.1.1. "Condition that the system have to accomplish"

1.2. "A discipline of the Software Engineering"

1.3. "Understand better the problem to solve"

1.4. "Define the computer solution to solve it"

1.5. "Perform tasks for defining requirements using the convenient techniques"

2. Requirements Engineering Process

2.1. Statement

2.1.1. "To redefine the general objective of the computer system development"

2.2. Elicitation

2.2.1. "To identify key users"

2.2.2. "To collect information on requirements "

2.3. Elaboration

2.3.1. "To improve, refine and analyse the collected information"

2.4. Negotiation

2.4.1. "To obtain the list of requirements classified by types"

2.5. Specification

2.5.1. "To document requirements"

2.6. Validation and Management

2.6.1. "To joint review with key users"

2.6.2. "To modify SRS as a useful document throughout the life cycle of software"

3. Catalogue of requeriments

3.1. Objective

3.1.1. "To be a reference document throughout the life cycle of software"

3.1.2. "To show only external behaviour of the system, the view that future users have on the system"

3.2. Content

3.2.1. "Possible restrictions on the operation of the system"

3.2.2. "A table of contents, glossary of used terms"

3.3. To be used as a...

3.3.1. "Reference when performing system maintenance"

3.3.2. "Reference document for analysts and developers"

3.3.3. "Contract to establish the product that is expected to develop"