Booking cancellation

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Booking cancellation by Mind Map: Booking cancellation

1. Before booking starts

1.1. Chat Agent

1.1.1. Guest 1. Guest wants to cancel booking due to: a) Change of Mind b) Host request to cancel

1.2. Callback Agent

1.2.1. 1. Reconfirm issue with both host and guest

1.2.2. 2. Confirm with guest on the refund method (applicable ONLY if booking is paid with debit/credit card)

1.2.3. 3. Cancels booking

1.2.4. 4. Provide full refund for the booking i. Fill up the details on the sheet

1.2.5. If the Guest requires car replacement, escalate to Booking Conversion Team Status: Pending Group: Booking Conversion / Extension Contact reasons: Bookings Conversion > Alternatives Inquiry # If Booking Conversion team is not available, callback agent to find for alternative

2. During a booking

2.1. 1. Guest cancel booking due to:

2.1.1. a. Vehicle Issue i. Advise user to send proof (images, videos) ii. Validate the image and assign for callback Ensure the following: - Damage is visible - Photo/video is clear Status: Pending Callback Required?: Required Contact Reasons: Booking > Vehicle issue > Other Malfunction issue: Host/Guest Callback Agent Refer to Car issue page i. Submit request for partial refund to SME/TL SME / TL 1. Check on the used days by the guest and how many days need to be refunded 2. Escalate to #trevo-tech Slack channel to update car's availability 3. Escalate ticket to Lydia ([email protected]) to adjust the host payout 4. Resolve ticket after refund is made to the guest

2.1.2. 2. Host requesting to cancel booking due to: a. Vehicle Issue i. Assign for callback Callback Agent SME / TL

2.1.3. For any other refund request due to booking cancellation, please refer to Refund SOP

3. After booking ends

3.1. 1. Guest reaches out to live chat to request for refund due to non-fulfillment of booking by TREVO

3.1.1. a. Obtain booking ID from guest

3.1.2. b. Validate the booking in Gearbox

3.1.3. c. Assign for callback

3.1.4. Callback Agent i. Contact host to confirm guest's claims of non-fulfillment Host confirms non-fulfillment: Proceed to A. Host claims car was delivered to delivery agent : Escalate to DOPs

3.2. SME / TL

3.2.1. 1. Escalate ticket to Lydia ([email protected]) to adjust the host payout a) Upon getting confirmation from Lydia on the amount to be refunded to the guest, process refund i. Check refund source requested by Guest ii. Proceed with refund

3.2.2. 2. Send an email to Guest to notify that refund has been processed

3.2.3. 3. Resolve ticket after refund is made to the guest