Testing the Halloween Pumpkin

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Testing the Halloween Pumpkin by Mind Map: Testing the Halloween Pumpkin

1. Usability Testing: is it easy to put a candle inside? And to light in on?

2. Layout Testing: does it have a scary face carved on it? Is it scary enough?

3. Functional Testing: does it have a lighted candle inside?

3.1. Security Testing: can it put the house on fire?

3.2. Compatibility Testing: can you use a lamp instead of a candle?

4. DOCUMENTATION REVIEW: do we have a guide how to make a Halloween pumpkin?

5. Crossbrowser Testing: what if you bring it outside the house?

6. Performance Testing: how long it will take until the pumpkin start rotting?

6.1. Load Testing: what if we put 10 candles in a pumpkin?

6.2. Stress Testing: what if we smash it on the floor?

7. Change-related Testing

7.1. Smoke Testing: still looks scary after putting a new candle inside

7.2. Regression Testing: checking every other feature with a new candle, e.g. what happens outside the house, how easy is to light that candle, etc.

7.3. Build Verification Testing: let's carve a third eye on the pumpkin and make sure it's still performing well as a previous version with 2 eyes.

7.4. Sanity Testing: does the new candle inside the pumpkin burns as stable as the previous one?

8. Ad-hoc: never made and never seen a Halloween Pumpkin before but let's test it.