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brain storm by Mind Map: brain storm

1. the creation of the stars

1.1. At the beginning of the creation of the world there was a woman named med. She was a goddess, and she had to create something that would be in the sky and that would accompany the moon but Med did not know what to create, fortunately Med had a best friend who always helped her with everything, her best friend was called Amber, one day Med and Amber went out looking for ideas to do in sky ...

1.2. when Med and Amber were outside, they found one of the most evil gods that could exist and his name was Mat, Mat was the God of Hell, so Mat claimed the women because they were in his territory, and Med responded with a sweet voice. saying: we are just looking for ideas, so mat told them that if they did not get out of there he would kill them both ...

1.3. the women refused to leave and decided to start fighting with Mat, since Med was one of the sky goddesses and Amber was the water goddess, they started a battle with Mat, but since Mat was more powerful. unfortunately he killed amber a lot, med tried to save amber, but it was too late, mat had killed amber, but before he died, amber told med to create the STARS that were white dots in the sky, that all shone the nights. So Med decided to create the stars, in honor of her best friend.

2. the creation of fire:

2.1. Once upon a time when the gods created humans, a demi-god named hank. hank wanted to make something special that had several uses, but he didn't think of anything good, he wanted to do something special but if they didn't use it correctly it could do a lot of damage, he wanted something powerful but not too much, something similar to lava but lighter, so he started to make combinations of things to create what I wanted ..

2.2. He thought of something that would give light and it would be painful if he touched it, so one day he looked at the sky and saw the sun, so he decided to Do something like that, but smaller, Hank created fire, fire was a gift to humans, for what humans should make fire work.

2.3. Hank had a son and decided that his son should go to the human world and teach humans how to create fire so that's what happened, Hank's son reached out to humans and taught them everything they should know about him fire, and this is how fire was created.

3. the creation of humans

3.1. Once upon a time in the beginning of creation a god named Jake, Jake was the god of the gods who had created everything we know, Jake created the world but he felt very lonely so he created other gods who created other things, but the things that other gods created did not make sense because there was no one who would use them ...

3.2. So Jake decided to create humans, to protect the earth and make use of it, with time humans evolved and at first all humans believed in gods and worshiped them and made offerings for them but with time

3.3. the humans stopped believing in the gods so the gods decided to leave but leave a punishment to humans: hatred, resentment, envy was created by the gods to punish lso humans for their immature acts.

4. the beginig of everything

4.1. a long time ago in the middle of nowhere a very wise wolf emerged who created the entire universe with his mind, he made each planet, each star, each universe, each costal, each detail of existence, that bo did everything that we meet today. The wolf erased everyone's memory so that no one would remember him and everyone would discover everything on their own, and until now, no one knew of his existence until they saw a fit costing and that costing shines every 100 years at 12 at night , in homage to the great wolf.