The Great Gatsby Background Information

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The Great Gatsby Background Information by Mind Map: The Great Gatsby Background Information

1. prohibition and speakeasy

1.1. in 1917 after the States entered the war, the 18th amendment was temporary an idea that stated that the sell of liquor was illegal and prohibited so that grains could be saved for the upcoming war time, the law went into effect until 1919.

1.2. due to the roaring twenties where everybody partied like crazy, everyone was consuming and buying alcohol illegally and from that a "speakeasy" was born, it was an establishment where alcohol was sold illicitly.

2. roaring twenties

2.1. this era is called this way because of the freewheeling popular culture of the decade. This era was a time when many people defied Prohibition, indulged in new styles of dancing and dressing, and rejected many traditional moral standards.

2.2. this time was a time of freedom because people were finally free, after the war most people reunited with their loved ones so it was a time of happiness, also they suffered the Spanish flu which was also a time for isolation and that's a reason for the way this decade went full on crazy

3. the jazz age

3.1. the 20's are sometimes referred to as the jazz age because this was the time when jazz music blossomed and became tremendously popular. jazz became the music of the younger generation because it was a fast upbeat sound instead of whatever the older generations were consuming music wise.

4. World War 1 aftermath

4.1. after world war 1 women started to run movements to have more freedom and try to have the same opportunities as men, because while they were off to war they had to take on their spouses jobs and more, that led to a woman of the new age who can be greatly seen as Jordan Baker.

4.2. the end of the First World War in 1918 was a time of great social and economic transition that led directly to what made the 1920’s what it was