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Past of Be by Mind Map: Past of Be

1. Affirmative

1.1. I am

1.2. He is ... She is... It is...

1.3. You are... We are.. They are..

2. Uses_Utily

3. Negative

3.1. I am not...

3.2. He is not.. She is not.. It is not..

3.3. You are not... We are not.. They are not...

4. Interrogative

4.1. Am I ..? Yes, I am/No I'm not. Are you..?Yes, I am/No, I'm not Is she..?Yes ,she is/No,she isn't Is he..?Yes ,he is/No,he isn't Is it..?Yes ,it is/No,it isn't Are you..?Yes,we are/No,we aren't Are we..?Yes,we are/No,we aren't Are they..?Yes,they are/No,they aren't