Spatial variation in Human Wellbeing

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Spatial variation in Human Wellbeing by Mind Map: Spatial variation in Human Wellbeing

1. Environmental

1.1. The coldest town on Earth - Oymyakon, Central Siberia

1.1.1. The temperature drops really low and can lead to frostbites.

1.1.2. The conditions show that driving is not a good idea as the roads were made during the time when gulags/prison camps were around.

1.1.3. More than a million people died in 1200 km building the road (The Road of Bones) that connects the prison camps

1.1.4. The road literally has bones flaten on the road.

1.1.5. They don't have running water or toilets that flush because it would just freeze and not work.

1.1.6. They eat horse meat nearly on the daily

1.1.7. They are short people because it would mean less area for the body to protect from the harsh cold conditions

1.1.8. The conditions they live in can make water become ice instantly and a banana left overnight can become as hard as a rock

1.1.9. living in those conditions means adapting and changing the way you live.

1.1.10. What other environmental factors may affect human wellbeing? lack of access to food having things like a cold and frost bites that may harm the human body

1.1.11. What impact might the environment have on human wellbeing? Consider things such as natural disasters, climate, etc. slippery conditions not good for anything that moves on wheels abrupt change in weather conditions

2. Social

2.1. Gender inequality - Saudi Arabia

2.1.1. Women are only allowed to drive and make decisions after they have confirmed with the male who is the head of the house

2.1.2. The women who fought for their right were put behind bars.

2.1.3. How might social factors impact on human wellbeing? Social factors can impact a person's well being because and can restrict or force them to try something they don't want to do just to stay in their friend group or it may complicate things within the group.

2.1.4. What impact might this have on the wellbeing of an individual or community? This can influence what is the right and wrong things but an also make things that are wrong make people want to look cool for doing the wrong thing

2.1.5. The women are able to become more independent so they don't need to rely on the head of the family to take them to a place where they want to go

2.1.6. The country is still not a free country as there are many things that some people can and can not do.

2.1.7. They people taking in the video said themselves that they have a guide that will show them the places where they can go and can't but may also be protecting them from areas where people will not like them and may start something. They are also not allowed to talk to anyone they want too.

2.1.8. They are taking small steps to make the country more free for all people

2.1.9. Not many people are actually still happy about women driving

3. Technological

3.1. Project Loon

3.1.1. They were trying to use big balloons to that are connected to an internet connection is just dragged out with many balloons so that rural areas can get access to the internet so they don't have to build towers to provide internet to the rural areas

3.1.2. They discontinued it because it became a more of a riskier task then they would have thought.

3.1.3. This project was discontinued but google said they would support the people who where going to get internet all they way out to the rural areas. They would put in $10 million in support to their project

3.1.4. How might location impact access to technology? It can be a challenge and if they decide to tackle that problem then they will have to spend money in order to accomplish this.

3.1.5. What impact can a lack of technology have on wellbeing? lack of knowledge on the outside world not having access to information not being able to communicate with others online

3.1.6. Google wanted to give internet access to those in rural areas and didn't have access to it

4. Economic

4.1. Oil in Nigeria

4.1.1. There is a colossal oil spillage across the land and it is contaminating the air, crops, and the water and where they fish.

4.1.2. The pollution is causing around 16,000 infant deaths a year.

4.1.3. degradation of their environment is linked to their loss of right to have a standard living conditions such as adequate health and wellbeing … including food, clothing, housing and medical care

4.1.4. Their economic is in a mess

4.1.5. Their country is really poor due to their economy states and lack of access to resources.

4.1.6. How might the economic state of a country affect the wellbeing of its citizens? The economic state of the country affects the wellbeing of the citizens because there are many people who are really poor and don't have access to the resources to earn some money.

4.1.7. What impact can this have? How do individuals overcome this? The impacts that this can have is people aren't able to make money to afford clothes and other necessities to live a standard life. How they overcome this is by finding different ways for them to do things so they are able to survive in the conditions they are placed in.

5. Historic

5.1. Nuclear testing in Maralinga

5.1.1. What historical decisions impact on the wellbeing of an individual or community? Their historical decisions impact an individual or community because they would have to change their way of living and adapt to what had happened at the time.

5.1.2. What other historical events might impact on the wellbeing of an individual or community? They will learn about what happened to their home and to never forget it as it is their driving force for what the people have done to their home and they need to protect it to show their history to the rest of the world

5.1.3. In 1955 British Government obtained over 3000 square km in the far south of Australia just for atomic testing

5.1.4. People who were not warned were blinded due to their tests, they are also affected by radiation poisoning and the next generations had many radiation related health problems.

5.1.5. After 60 years after testing the new gen of traditional owners took back their land.

5.1.6. They don't want anyone to forget what the British and Australian government did there.

5.1.7. the traditional owners of the land and their people thought clouds were the snake God that was getting angry at them but they looked like mushroom clouds.

6. Political

6.1. How can a corrupt government impact human wellbeing?

6.1.1. A corrupt government can significantly impact people's wellbeing because if the government does something wrong then it will affect the people and nothing else.

6.2. How might the wellbeing of those living in a nation with a corrupt government differ from those who don’t?

6.2.1. People living in a corrupt government system will suffer more and will need to find their own ways to survive even if it means doing illegal activities. Compared to those who live in a government system that isn't corrupt will be treated fairly and will have access to the basic needs to survive on a day to day basis.

6.3. People trapped in a cycle of corruption

6.4. United Nations accuses Kim Jong-un's government of economic mismanagement, leaving its people fighting to get the basics.

6.5. The distribution system in 1910s has forced the population to turn to informal markets because the rations aren't enough for the people to survive on.

6.6. The military still receives priority funding over ensuring people have enough food.

6.7. The constant focus on nuclear is an issue and it's focus is being diverted from the terrible state of human rights for many people in North Korea.