Salah: pillars of islam

Salah pillars of islam and it's conditions

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Salah: pillars of islam by Mind Map: Salah: pillars of islam

1. Al Qiyam

1.1. As-Salam

2. The Sujud

2.1. Julus al Akhir

3. for males covering the body from navel to knees.

3.1. Facing the Qiblah.

4. cleanliness

4.1. Covering the parts of the body.

4.1.1. the niyyah

5. its conditions

5.1. offering Salah in the proper time

5.1.1. Wodhu

6. The Pillars of Salah

6.1. Takbiratul ihram

7. The Qira’ah

7.1. The Rokou