Selling through Etsy

etsy selling

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Selling through Etsy by Mind Map: Selling through Etsy

1. Appealing to an audience

1.1. In the clay discourse community, appealing to your audience is extremely important. Etsy makes it easy by having lots of customizable things you alter to appeal to your audience. What you decide to sell on Etsy can also appeal to your audience.

2. Product presentation

2.1. Emily Jeffords, my interviewee mentioned, "Your product presentation is really going to sell what you're offering. High quality pictures are a must!" Quality product presentation is going to sell something much faster than if it were just tossed into a picture.

3. User-friendly

3.1. Based on my genre analysis of Etsy, Etsy's design and structure is the main reason the website is so user-friendly. Not only is it friendly to sellers, but buyers as well. This can help give the audience context clues as well as navigation tools around the website. This makes it easier for the clay discourse community to assist their audience better with better structure and design around their products. Etsy must be functional and easy to operate. That is one of the genre requirements so that buyers and sellers alone can easily navigate the website.

4. shop-manager

4.1. The shop manager side of Etsy is extremely important because this is how the sellers directly communicate to buyers. Shop manager side of Etsy can be used for orders and shipping, finances, messages, and statistics.