Nature of language

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Nature of language by Mind Map: Nature of language

1. Language's characteristics

1.1. Communicative

1.2. Cognitive

1.3. We can think by ourselves

1.4. Cooperate with other people

2. Language is...

2.1. Arbitrary

2.1.1. is no logical or intrinsic relationship between signifier (sound pattern) Or signified (concept).

2.2. Duality

2.2.1. Users can understand certain sounds as w, i, n and d ; at the same time, we can match each word, ad compose a meaningful word

2.3. Productivity

2.3.1. Creation of a new word

3. Animal´s communication vs human language

3.1. Three dimensions

3.1.1. Discrete infinity: Animal: It has some goals that those are limited vs Human: compose sentences and organization of words

3.1.2. Replacement: Humans: we can communicate througth different spaces, different times (past, present or future) vs animal: It can communicate, but itsn't enough to reach that type of communicate as humans do.

3.1.3. Joint attention: Human language express a shared goal vs Animal: It's impossible that they share its opinions and thoughts