BLUEBEARD, Charles Perrault

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BLUEBEARD, Charles Perrault by Mind Map: BLUEBEARD, Charles Perrault

1. Who?

1.1. The wife of bluebeard

1.2. Two knights (the brothers of the female protagonist)

1.3. Bluebeard

2. The fairy tail

2.1. Charles wrote this story in the 1697, with the intention of admonishing readers not to be overwhelmed by curiosity.

3. Summary

3.1. Once upon a time there was a rich gentleman who had a blue beard, for this reason he was not well seen in the village and all the girls ran away from him horrified. One day he asked to a lady if he could marry one of her two daughters,It would have been the lady who chose which of the two.But neither of them intended to marry Bluebeard, because of his appearance. And then, that man had already married several women and no one knew what happened. Bluebeard, to convince the girls of her goodness, invited them for a week to one of her houses, along with their friends and many other guests. It was a week of celebrations, banquets and entertainment of all kinds. The youngest of the girls, she began to think that he was a good man and a great gentleman and decided to marry him. But just a month after the wedding, Barbablu told his wife that he had to leave for a very important deal and that he would be away at least a month. She advised the girl to have fun and invite her friends to keep her company. The man handed his wife a large set of golden keys, explaining the function of each, lastly there was a rusty key, which opened a forbidden closet in which Bluebeard recommended not to enter or the consequences would be terrible. The first few days, the girl invited her friends and celebrated; however, the curiosity to know what was in her closet did not leave her. And so it was that one evening, after saying goodbye to all her friends, she went down to the ground floor and opened the door. The windows were all closed and nothing could be seen; after a moment, however, the lights in the corridor illuminated the closet: the floor was covered with blood and the bodies of all the women Bluebeard had married hung on the walls: they were all slaughtered dead. The girl took a terrible fright, so great that the key to the closet fell to the floor and got soiled with blood. There was no way to clean it: the key, in fact, was bewitched.

3.2. THE END: Bluebeard unexpectedly returned shortly thereafter and seeing the blood-stained key realized that his wife had disobeyed. Taken by her anger he made her to kill her, she asked him to be alone and pray. He agreed and she prayed that the two brothers of hers who were to visit her arrived that very day, so it happened. The two knights entered the castle and killed Bluebeard, the girl was safe and sound.