Invaders that conquered Great Britain

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Invaders that conquered Great Britain by Mind Map: Invaders that conquered Great Britain

1. Normans

1.1. 1064

1.2. William the Conqueror persuaded Harold to to sit on the Throne, bit later William was ahgered by Harold's accession. He was killed and William got the crown.

2. Celts

2.1. 55 B.C.

2.2. Britons lived with Gauls

3. Romans

3.1. 43 A.D.

3.2. Celtic Britain was invaded by the Romans under Julius Caesar. He didn't conquer Britain, but made it a major trading partner of Rome

4. Anglo-saxes

4.1. 410 A.D.

4.2. Jutes, Angles and Saxons quickly established control over modern-day England.

4.3. Sa[on pirates raided the southern and eastern coasts of Britain

5. Vikings

5.1. 793-1285

5.2. They were directed on monasteries, because of the wealth and valuability. Ragnar Lodbrok was killed by Aelle of Northumbria, who was killed while the retaking of the city.

5.3. Alfred the Great, king of Wessex defeated vikings, but England was unified by Denmark and Norway.