Battle of Shiloh

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Battle of Shiloh by Mind Map: Battle of Shiloh

1. April 6th-7th 1867

2. Southwest Tennessee

3. The North was the one who took this victory.

4. Neither side really came up with some sort of master plan, if anything, the win was embarrassing. They lost a lot of people, on both sides. and were left unable to do any other moves for three weeks because they had lost so many soldiers.

5. Albert Sidney Johnston died, becoming the highest ranking general (north and south) to be killed during the war.

6. Actually, it occurred because it was a surprise attack from the confederates, under the General Ulysses S. Grant. Although they were winning at first, they couldn't keep the higher ground, and soon had to retreat, causing the north to win.

7. 23,000 people died in the battle of shiloh. including high ranking general Albert Sidney Johnston. The reason it was so significant and shocking to the nation, was the amount of casualties involved in said battle.

8. It had more casualties than any other key battles of the civil war.


10. Battle of Shiloh

11. Battle of Shiloh | United States history