Course Counselling

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Course Counselling by Mind Map: Course Counselling

1. Acknowledgement

1.1. Thank you so much for joining this session on time. You could be doing so many things but you are here learning How to start a business. This shows your dedication.

1.1.1. Commitment, implementation

2. Bio

2.1. BIO

2.1.1. since we are going to spend some time together. it is ok to you if i can give you short introduction about myself so that we got to know each other ,,, ask que ,,,,,,tell story

2.2. Credibility

2.2.1. even i have dropped out of college but i have worked with open, honest and velnerable people will start loving you

2.3. Emotional story

2.4. Mission

3. Industry Stats

3.1. Reason why people are getting results

4. Snapshot Results

4.1. Clients/professors

5. Product open loop

5.1. Toward the end i am gonna be offering my STARTUP SUCCESS SYATEM WITH BADA BUSINESS, for those of you who really want to take action and be a part of journey. I am willing to support you on that

6. Solution

6.1. This is the solution/system i am going to share in this session

7. Problem

7.1. Its not you lack knowledge what you lack is direction and focus .

7.2. My mentor told me 3 things

7.2.1. 1. focus is your most valuable asset

7.2.2. Systems work people fail

7.2.3. Dont be cheap on your journey to greatness

7.3. You are not in this webinar just for the information. you are here in this webinar to get the strategy. So that you can take action.

8. Proof/Experience

9. Whats in it for me

9.1. What you will learn

9.1.1. In this session you are going to learn How to start a business without money, office and team. startup success system- 3 simple and safe steps to start a startup. vghjbkn

9.1.2. By the time we finish this session you will have absolute clarity on what is the next step for you to take and what action that you wanna take

10. Set Context

10.1. I am going to set the context so that you will get the best value of your time and money.

10.1.1. This session will be for 4 mins. if you have any other appointment we can reschedule it. But you have to repay the price.

10.1.2. I hope you have pen and paper. Even one idea can change your life. I am going to bust so many myths here. So go and grab a pen and paper.

10.1.3. If you have any question or any doubt. you can keep it at the end. I will ans all the questions. Badabusiness have already prepared a very good content and system. Most of your doubt i will cover in this session only