Gymnastics Equipment Problems and Solutions

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Gymnastics Equipment Problems and Solutions by Mind Map: Gymnastics Equipment Problems and Solutions

1. Bar

1.1. Carrying all bar supplies

1.1.1. Solution 4.1: combine water spray and chalk box as one product

1.1.2. Solution 4.2: hand guard, chalk, water and and other bar supplies holder

1.2. Chalk box opening in bag

1.2.1. Solution 5: create an extra secure lid

2. Beam

2.1. Beam pad taking a long time to take on and off

2.1.1. Solution 6: quick fastening beam pad with minimal straps

2.2. Mats sliding after dismount

2.2.1. Solution 7: sheet to place under mat to minimise sliding

3. Floor

3.1. Sore wrists and ankles after tumbling

3.1.1. Solution 1.1: Wrist and ankle sports or sports tape

3.1.2. Solution 1.2: soft tumbling mat

4. Vault

4.1. Springboard moving

4.1.1. Solution 2: product to keep springboard in place

4.2. Having to adjust springboard distance

4.2.1. Solution 3: electronic device to automatically move springboard