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So, Too, Either & Neither by Mind Map: So, Too, Either & Neither

1. So & Too

1.1. So and Too are used with positive sentences

1.2. Examples

1.2.1. Lily likes ice cream Clara does too. So does clara

1.2.2. Her sister can swim My sister can too So can my sister

1.2.3. Jesse is very polite Fred is too So is Fred

1.2.4. Albert has a problem Peter has too So has Peter

1.3. Too comes at the end of the sentence right after the auxiliary verb

1.4. So comes at the start of the sentence, before de auxiliary verb

2. Either & Neither

2.1. Either and Neither are used with negative sentences

2.2. Examples

2.2.1. They don't like watching up early I don't either Neither do I

2.2.2. Mrs. Davis won't attend the meeting. Mr. Jhonson won't either Neither would Mr. Jhonson

2.2.3. Claire is not a good dancer Alice isn't either Neither is Alice

2.2.4. She hasn't finished the test I haven't either Neither have I

2.3. Either comes at the end of the sentence, after the negative verbs

2.4. Neither comes at the start of the sentence, before the verbs wich aren't in their negatives.

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