Resources for teaching EFL

Resources for teaching EFL

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Resources for teaching EFL by Mind Map: Resources for teaching EFL

1. Types of resources for teaching EFL

1.1. Teaching Media-Teaching Resources

1.2. Resource Context Elements

1.2.1. Comprehensive Setting

1.2.2. Pedagogical Setting

1.3. Types of resources

1.3.1. Conventional Resources

1.4. Comparing relia with authentic Material

2. Teaching Resources

2.1. The teacher

2.1.1. Being Passionate,words wisely, keeping up to date,be cautious

2.2. Students

2.2.1. knowing the culture,find the best strategy,teach usefull vocabulary.

2.3. Class Context

2.3.1. Rely on more than one resource, allow free communication,be fair and realistic when testing.

2.4. Six Factors Influencing

2.4.1. Vocabulary and Language Development

2.4.2. Guided Interaction

2.4.3. Thinking Skills and Authentic Assessment

2.4.4. Explicit Instruction

2.4.5. Meaning based context and Universal Themes

2.4.6. Modeling, Graphic Organizers and Visuals

2.5. Six teaching strategies

2.5.1. Teaching profession

2.5.2. EFL Curriculum

2.5.3. Conditions at work

2.5.4. Students and Parents

2.5.5. EFL Colleagues and administrators

2.5.6. Facilities

3. The Main Characteristic of Teaching Resources

3.1. Teaching Resources Characteristics

3.1.1. Authentic Materials

3.1.2. Written Materials

3.1.3. Materials as Professional Means

3.1.4. Material Oriented towards the Teaching and Learning of Content

3.1.5. Mainstreaming the Curriculum

3.1.6. Materials Designed out of Recycling Products

3.2. Structural Components of the Teaching Resources

3.2.1. Symbols

3.2.2. Content

3.2.3. Technological Plataform

3.2.4. User´s Communication Enviroment