My Neighbourhood

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My Neighbourhood by Mind Map: My  Neighbourhood

1. I also love the new playground at vista park which was constructed on 2019

2. but now I had found a new thing that I usually do which is playing badminton with my family and my neighbour

3. The difference between the old neighbourhood and the present neighbourhood is that the present neighbourhood has parks, fitness corners and also it has bigger playground.

4. The special thing about my neighbourhood is that it has a basketball court, badminton and also it has a petanque court for people to play.

5. The memories I have of my neighbourhood is, when I was 7 years old I came to my new block and all of it was under construction, I could barely see anything new yet.

6. I usually play basketball but now due to the COVID-19 the basketball net was removed.

7. What I loved most about my neighbourhood is, my neighbour because they are kind and friendly also during my fasting months we would always exchange food with my neighbour. I also loves the vista park playground which was constructed on 2019