Soul of Eternity

Quick (Crafting-only) Terraria Fargo's Vanilla Soul of Eternity Crafting tree

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Soul of Eternity by Mind Map: Soul of Eternity

1. Soul of the Universe

1.1. Beserker's Soul

1.1.1. Barbarian's Essence Warrior Emblem Zombie Arm Trident Chain Knife Stylish Scissors Ice Blade Falcon Blade Flamarang Enchanted Boomerang Hellstone Bar (10) Hallowed Bar (5)

1.1.2. Fire Gauntlet Mechanical Glove Power Glove Avenger Emblem Magma Stone

1.1.3. Yoyo Bag String Counterweight Yoyo Glove

1.1.4. KO Cannon

1.1.5. Ice Sickle

1.1.6. Scourge of the Corruptor

1.1.7. Kraken

1.1.8. Flairon

1.1.9. Sky Dragon's Fury

1.1.10. North Pole

1.2. Sniper's Soul

1.2.1. Sharpshooter's Essence Ranger Emblem Paintball Gun Snowball Cannon Red Ryder Harpoon Musket Boomstick The Bee's Knees Hellwing Bow Hallowed Bar (5)

1.2.2. Sniper Scope Destroyer Emblem Avenger Emblem Eye of the Golem Rifle Scope

1.2.3. Magic Quiver

1.2.4. Dart Pistol

1.2.5. Megashark

1.2.6. Pulse Bow

1.2.7. Nail Gun

1.2.8. Piranha Gun

1.2.9. Sniper Rifle

1.2.10. Tsunami

1.2.11. Stake Launcher

1.2.12. Elf Melter

1.2.13. Xenopopper

1.2.14. Celebration

1.3. Arch Wizard's Soul

1.3.1. Apprentice's Essence Sorcerer Emblem Vilethorn Crimson Rod Water Bolt Book of Skulls Magic Missile Flamelash Demon Scythe Aqua Scepter Wand of Sparking Hallowed Bar (5)

1.3.2. Mana Flower Nature's Gift Mana Potion Lesser Mana Potion (2) Glowing Mushroom

1.3.3. Celestial Cuffs Celestial Magnet Mana Cuffs Shackle Mana Regeneration Band

1.3.4. Celestial Emblem Celestial Magnet Avenger Emblem Any Emblem Soul of Might (5) Soul of Sight (5) Soul of Fright (5)

1.3.5. Medusa Head

1.3.6. Rainbow Gun

1.3.7. Betsy's Wrath

1.3.8. Razorblade Typhoon

1.3.9. Blizzard Staff

1.3.10. Laser Machinegun

1.3.11. Last Prism

1.4. Conjurist's Soul

1.4.1. Occultist's Essence Summoner Emblem Slime Staff Hornet Staff Bee Wax (14) Imp Staff Hellstone Bar (17) Ballista Rod Explosive Trap Rod Flameburst Rod Lightning Aura Rod Hallowed Bar (5)

1.4.2. Papyrus Scarab Necromantic Scroll Hercules Beetle

1.4.3. Pirate Staff

1.4.4. Optic Staff Black Lens Lens (2) Hallowed Bar (12) Soul of Sight (20)

1.4.5. Deadly Sphere Staff

1.4.6. Staff of the Frost Hydra

1.4.7. Ballista Staff

1.4.8. Explosive Trap Staff

1.4.9. Flameburst Staff

1.4.10. Lightning Aura Staff

1.4.11. Tempest Staff

1.4.12. Raven Staff

1.4.13. Xeno Staff

1.5. Abomidable Scale (10)

2. Soul of Dimensions

2.1. Colossus Soul

2.1.1. Ankh Shield Ankh Charm Blindfold Armor Bracing Medicated Bandage Countercurse Mantra The Plan Obsidian Shield Cobalt Shield Obsidian Skull

2.1.2. Hand Warmer

2.1.3. Worm Scarf

2.1.4. Brain of Cthulu

2.1.5. Pocket Mirror

2.1.6. Charm of Myths Band of Regeneration Philosopher's Stone

2.1.7. Bee Cloak Honey Comb Star Cloak

2.1.8. Sweetheart Necklace Honey Comb Panic Necklace

2.1.9. Star Veil Star Cloak Cross Necklace

2.1.10. Flesh Knuckles

2.1.11. Spore Sac

2.1.12. Frozen Turtle Shell

2.1.13. Paladin's Shield

2.2. Supersonic Soul

2.2.1. Aeolus Boots Frostspark Boots Lightning Boots Ice Skates Green Horseshoe Balloon Fart in a Balloon Lucky Horseshoe Eurus Socks Deviating Energy (10)

2.2.2. Arctic Diving Gear Jellyfish Diving Gear Diving Gear Jellyfish Necklace Ice Skates

2.2.3. Frog Leg

2.2.4. Bundle of Balloons Cloud in a Balloon Cloud in a Bottle Shiny Red Balloon Blizzard in a Balloon Blizzard in a Bottle Shiny Red Balloon Sandstorm in a Balloon Sandstorm in a Bottle Shiny Red Balloon

2.2.5. Pink Horseshoe Balloon Sharkron Balloon Balloon Pufferfish Tsunami in a Bottle Lucky Horseshoe

2.2.6. Flying Carpet

2.2.7. Mechanical Cart Mechanical Wheel Piece Mechanical Wagon Piece Mechanical Battery Piece

2.2.8. Slimy Saddle

2.2.9. Blessed Apple

2.2.10. Ancient Horn

2.2.11. Reindeer Bells

2.2.12. Brain Scrambler

2.3. Flight Mastery Soul

2.3.1. Fairy Wings Soul of Flight (20) Pixie Dust (100)

2.3.2. Harpy Wings Soul of Flight (20) Giant Harpy Feather

2.3.3. Bone Wings Soul of Flight (20) Bone Feather

2.3.4. Frozen Wings Soul of Flight (20) Ice Feather

2.3.5. Flame Wings Soul of Flight (20) Fire Feather

2.3.6. Tattered Fairy Wings Soul of Flight (20) Black Fairy Dust

2.3.7. Festive Wings

2.3.8. Betsy's Wings

2.3.9. Fishron Wings

2.4. World Shaper Soul

2.4.1. Drill Containment Unit Luminite Bar (40) Chlorophyte Bar (40) Chlorophyte Ore (6) Shroomite Bar (40) Chlorophyte Bar Glowing Mushroom (15) Spectre Bar (40) Chlorophyte Bar (2) Ectoplasm Hellstone Bar (40) Hellstone Ore (3) Obsidian Meteor Bar (40) Meteorite (3)

2.4.2. Cell Phone PDA GPS R.E.K. 3000 Fish Finder Goblin Tech Magic Mirror/Ice Mirror

2.4.3. Miner Enchantment Mining Armor Copper Pickaxe Copper Bar (12) Wood (4) Gold Pickaxe Gold Bar (12) Wood (4) Candy Cane Pickaxe Molten Pickaxe Hellstone Bar (20) Magic Lantern

2.4.4. Toolbelt

2.4.5. Toolbox

2.4.6. Architect Gizmo Pack Brick Layer Extendo Grip Paint Sprayer Portable Cement Mixer

2.4.7. Pressurator

2.4.8. Mechanical Ruler

2.4.9. Royal Gel

2.4.10. Putrid Scent

2.4.11. Gravity Globe

2.4.12. Pickaxe Axe/Drax Hallowed Bar (18) Soul of Sight Soul of Might Soul of Fright

2.4.13. Shroomite Digging Claw Shroomite Bar (18) Chlorophyte Bar Glowing Mushroom (15)

2.5. Trawler Soul

2.5.1. Angler Enchantment Angler Set Angler Tackle bag High Test Fishing Line Tackler Box Angler Earring Wood Fishing Pole Wood (8) Reinforced Fishing Pole Iron Bar (8) Fiberglass Fishing Pole Any Fishing Junk (5)

2.5.2. Sitting Duck's Fishing Pole

2.5.3. Golden Fishing Rod

2.5.4. Golden Carp

2.5.5. Reaver Shark

2.5.6. Bladetongue

2.5.7. Obsidian Swordfish

2.5.8. Fuzzy Carrot

2.5.9. Hardy Saddle

2.5.10. Zephyr Fish

2.6. Abominable Scale (10)

3. Soul of Terraria

3.1. Force of Timber

3.1.1. Wood Enchantment Wood Armor Wood (75) Living Wood Wand Bunny Squirrel/Red Squirrel Bird

3.1.2. Boreal Wood Enchantment Boreal Wood Armor Boreal Wood (75) Boreal Wood Bow Boreal Wood (10) Snowball (300) Shiverthorn 'Cold Waters in the White Land'

3.1.3. Rich Mahogany Enchantment Rich Mahogany Armor Rich Mahogany (75) Ivy Whip Jungle Spores (12) Vine (3) Frog Neon Tetra 'Do Not Step on the Grass'

3.1.4. Shadewood Enchantment Shadewood Armor Shadewood (75) Shadewood Sword Shadewood (7) Crimson Tigerfish Vicious Mushroom 'Deadland Comes Alive'

3.1.5. Ebonwood Enchantment Ebonwood Armor Ebonwood (75) Ebonwood Sword Ebonwood (7) Ebonkoi Deathweed 'Lightless Chasms'

3.1.6. Pearlwood Enchantment Pearlwood Armor Pearlwood (75) Unicorn on a Stick Lighning Bug Prismite 'The Land of Deceiving Looks'

3.1.7. Palm Wood Enchantment Palm Wood Armor Palm Wood (75) Palm Wood Sword Palm Wood (7) Breathing reed Tuna Black Ink

3.2. Terra Force

3.2.1. Copper Enchantment Copper Armor Copper Bar (60) Copper Shortsword Copper Bar (7) Amethyst Staff Copper Bar (10) Amethyst (8) Wire (20) 'First Encounter'

3.2.2. Tin Enchantment Tin Armor Tin Bar (60) Tin Bow Tin Bar (7) Topaz Staff Tin Bar (10) Topaz (8) Yellow Phaseblade Meteorite Bar (15) Topaz (10) 'Daylight'

3.2.3. Lead Enchantment Lead Armor Lead Bar (75) Lead Shortsword Lead Bar (7) Lead Pickaxe Lead Bar (12) Wood (3) Gray Paint (100) Sulphur Butterfly

3.2.4. Iron Enchantment Iron Armor Iron Bar (75) Iron Broadsword Iron Bar (8) Iron Bow Iron Bar (7) Shield of Cthulu Zebra Swallowtail Butterfly

3.2.5. Tungsten Enchantment Tungsten Armor Tungsten Bar (60) Candy Cane Sword Green Phaseblade Meteorite Bar (15) Emerald (10) Emerald Staff Tungsten Bar (10) Emerald (8) Snail

3.2.6. Obsidian Enchantment Obsidian Armor Obsidian (60) Silk (30) Obsidian Horseshoe Lucky Horseshoe Obsidian Skull (20) Cascade Obsidian Rose Fireblossom

3.3. Force of Nature

3.3.1. Crimson Enchantment Crimtane Armor Crimtane Bar (60) Tissue Sample (45) The Meatball Crimtane Bar (10) Tissue Sample (5) The Undertaker Bone Rattle Crimson Heart

3.3.2. Molten Enchantment Molten Armor Hellstone Bar (45) Phoenix Blaster Hellstone Bar (10) Sunfury Dark Lance 'Demon's Eye'

3.3.3. Rain Enchantment Rain Armor Umbrella Hat Umbrella Nimbus Rod Water Gun Rainbow Brick (50)

3.3.4. Frost Enchantment Frost Armor Adamantite/Titanium Bar (46) Frost Core (3) Snow Enchantment Esikmo Armor Ice Boomerang Frost Minnow Atlantic Cod Fish Blizzard Staff Baby Grinch's Mischief Whistle Toy Sled

3.3.5. Chlorophyte Enchantment Chlorophyte Armor Chlorophyte Bar (54) Jungle Enchantment Jungle Armor Guide to Plant Fiber Cordage Thorn Chakram Jungle Rose Buggy Chlorophyte Claymore Chlorophyte Bar (12) Chlorophyte Warhammer Chlorophyte Bar (18) Seedling

3.3.6. Shroomite Enchantment Shroomite Armor Shroomite Bar (54) Mushroom Spear UZI Tactical Shotgun Strange Glowing Mushroom

3.4. Force of Earth

3.4.1. Cobalt Enchantment Cobalt Armor Cobalt Bar (45) Ancient Cobalt Enchantment Ancient Cobalt Armor Ancient Iron Helmet Blowpipe Poison Dart Poisoned Knife Chik Wooden Yoyo Crystal Shard (15) Soul of Light (10) Crystal Storm Spell Tome Crystal Shard (20) Soul of Light (15) Crystal Vile Shard

3.4.2. Palladium Enchantment Palladium Armor Palladium Bar (45) Palladium Sword Palladium Bar (12) Life Drain 'Underground Reward'

3.4.3. Mythril Enchantment Mythril Armor Mythril Bar (45) Laser Rifle Clockwork Assault Rifle Gatligator Onyx Blaster Shotgun Dark Shard (2) Soul of Night (10)

3.4.4. Orichalcum Enchantment Orichalcum Armor Orichalcum Bar (45) Orichalcum Waraxe Orichalcum Bar (12) Flower of Fire Flower of Frost Cursed Flames Spell Tome Cursed Flame (20) Soul of Night (15)

3.4.5. Adamanite Enchantment Adamantite Armor Adamantite Bar (54) Adamantite Glaive Adamantite Bar (12) Titanium Trident Titanium Bar (13) Crystal Serpent Venom Staff Poison Staff Chlorophyte Bar (14)

3.4.6. Titanium Enchantment Titanium Armor Titanium Bar (54) Titanium Drill Titanium Bar (20) Titanium Sword Titanium Bar (13) Rockfish White Phasesaber White Phaseblade Crystal Shard (50)

3.5. Force of Life

3.5.1. Pumpkin Enchantment Pumpkin Armor Pumpkin (75) Molotov Cocktail (50) Ale (5) Silk Torch Pink Gel Sickle Pumpkin Pie Pumpkin (10) Magical Pumpkin Seed

3.5.2. Bee Enchantment Bee Armor Bee Wax (30) Hive Pack Bee Gun Beenade Honeyfin Nectar

3.5.3. Spider Enchantment Spider Armor Spider Fang (36) Spider Staff Spider Fang (16) Queen Spider Staff Spider Fang (24) Web Slinger Spider Egg

3.5.4. Turtle Enchantment Turtle Armor Turtle Shell (3) Chlorophyte Bar (54) Cactus Enchantment Cactus Armor Cactus Sword Sandgun Waterleaf 'Secret of the Sand' Chlorophyte Partisan Chlorophyte Bar (12) Seaweed Lizard Egg

3.5.5. Beetle Enchantment Beetle Armor Beetle Husk (18) Turtle Armor Beetle Wings Soul of Flight (20) Beetle Husk (8) Bee Wings Soul of Flight (20) Tattered Bee Wing Butterfly Wings Soul of Flight (20) Butterfly Dust Mothron Wings

3.6. Force of Spirit

3.6.1. Fossil Enchantment Fossil Armor Sturdy Fossil (60) Amber Staff Sturdy Fossil (15) Amber (8) Bone Throwing Knife (300) Sturdy Fossil Amber Mosquito Mandible blade

3.6.2. Forbidden Enchantment Forbidden Armor Forbidden Fragment (3) Adamantite/Titanium Bar (46) Spirit Flame Desert Spirit Lamp Forbidden Fragment (2) Soul of Night (12) Djinn's Curse Rainbow Rod Crystal Shard (10) Unicorn Horn (2) Pixie Dust (10) Soul of Light (8) Soul of Light (15) Scorpion/Black Scorpion

3.6.3. Hallowed Enchantment Hallowed Armor Hallowed Bar (52) Gungnir Hallowed Bar (12) Silver Enchantment Silver Armor Silver Sword Sapphire Staff Blue Phaseblade Tree Nymph Butterfly Exotic Scimitar Fairy Bell Bell Pixie Dust (25) Soul of Light (8) Soul of Sight (10)

3.6.4. Tiki Enchantment Tiki Armor Pygmy Necklace Pygmy Staff Blowgun Tiki Totem

3.6.5. Spectre Enchantment Spectre Armor Spectre Bar (54) Keybrand Spectre Staff Unholy Trident Wisp in a Bottle

3.7. Shadow Force

3.7.1. Ancient Shadow Enchantment Shadow Enchantment Shadow Armor Waraxe of the Night Purple Clubberfish Eater's Bone Shadow Orb Ancient Shadow Armor Ancient Necro Helmet Ancient Gold Helmet Shadowflame Knife

3.7.2. Spooky Enchantment Spooky Armor Spooky Wood (750) Butcher's Chainsaw Death Sickle Cursed Sapling Eye Spring

3.7.3. Necro Enchantment Necro Armor Bone (150) Cobweb (135) Bone Sword Marrow 'The Guardian's Gaze' Bone Key

3.7.4. Shinobi Infiltrator Enchantment Shino Infiltrator Armor Ninja Enchantment Ninja Armor Katana Shuriken (300) Smoke Bomb (50) Slime Hook Monk Enchantment Monk Armor Monk's Belt Lightning Aura Cane Ghastly Glaive Dao of Pow Gato Egg Master Ninja Gear Tabi Black Belt Tiger Climbing Gear

3.7.5. Dark Artist Enchantment Dark Artist Armor Apprentice Enchantment Apprentice Armor Apprentice's Scarf Flameburst Cane Tome of Infinite Wisdom Clinger Staff Inferno Fork Flameburst Staff Creeper Egg

3.8. Force of Will

3.8.1. Gold Enchantment Gold Armor Gold Bar (90) Coin Gun Greedy Ring Gold Squirrel Parrot Cracker

3.8.2. Platinum Enchantment Platinum Armor Platinum Bar (90) Platinum Crown Platinum Bar (5) Ruby Diamond Ring Classy Cane Beam Sword

3.8.3. Gladiator Enchantment Gladiator Armor Javelin (300) Bone Javelin (300) Sturdy Fossil Angel Statue Tartar Sauce

3.8.4. Wizard Enchantment Wizard Hat Sapphire Robe Robe Sapphire (10) Ruby Robe Robe Ruby (10) Diamond Robe Robe Diamond (10) Ice Rod Unlucky Yarn 'Rare Enchantment'

3.8.5. Red Riding Enchantment Red Riding Armor Huntress Enchantment Huntress Armor Huntress's Buckler Explosive Trap Cane Phantom Phoenix Daedalus Stormbow Moon Charm Aerial Bane Dog Whistle

3.8.6. Valhalla Knight Enchantment Valhalla Knight Armor Squire Enchantment Squire Armor Squire's Shield Ballista Cane Brand of the Inferno Red Phasesaber Shiny Stone Flying Dragon Dragon Egg

3.9. Force of Cosmos

3.9.1. Meteor Enchantment Meteor Armor Meteorite Bar (45) Space Gun Meteorite Bar (20) Star Cannon Meteorite Bar (20) Fallen Star (5) Minishark Meteor Staff Meteorite Bar (20) Pixie Dust (10) Soul of Light (10) 'Place Above the Clouds'

3.9.2. Solar Enchantment Solar Armor Solar Fragment (45) Luminite Bar (36) Solar Eruption Solar Fragment (18) Daybreak Solar Fragment (18) Hel-Fire Star Wrath

3.9.3. Vortex Enchantment Vortex Armor Vortex Fragment (45) Luminite Bar (36) Vortex Beater Vortex Fragment (18) Phantasm Vortex Fragment (18) S.D.M.G. Companion Cube

3.9.4. Nebula Enchantment Nebula Armor Nebula Fragment (45) Luminite Bar (36) Nebula Arcanum Nebula Fragment (18) Nebula Blaze Nebula Fragment (18) Nebula Mantle Nebula Fragment (14) Luminite Bar (10) Lunar Flare

3.9.5. Stardust Enchantment Stardust Armor Stardust Fragment (45) Luminite Bar (36) Stardust Cell Staff Stardust Fragment (18) Stardust Dragon Staff Stardust Fragment (18) Stardust Pickaxe Stardust Fragment (12) Luminite Bar (10) Rainbow Crystal Staff

3.9.6. Suspicious Looking Tentacle

3.9.7. Lunar Crystal (5)

3.10. Abominable Scale (10)

4. Soul of the Siblings

4.1. Sinister Icon

4.2. Supreme Deathbringer Fairy

4.2.1. Slimy Shield

4.2.2. Agitating Lens

4.2.3. Necromantic Brew

4.2.4. The Queen's Stinger

4.2.5. Hellstone Bar (10) Hellstone Ore (3) Obsidian

4.2.6. Deviating Energy (5)

4.3. Bionomic Cluster

4.3.1. Concentrated Rainbow Matter

4.3.2. Wyvern Feather

4.3.3. Frigid Gemstone

4.3.4. Sands of Time

4.3.5. Squeaky Toy

4.3.6. Tribal Charm

4.3.7. Mystic Skull

4.3.8. Security Wallet

4.3.9. Ordinary Carrot

4.3.10. Wretched Pouch

4.3.11. Nymph's Perfume

4.3.12. Tim's Concoction

4.3.13. Deviating Energy (10)

4.4. Dubious Circuitry

4.4.1. Fused Lens

4.4.2. Remote Control

4.4.3. Reinforced Plating

4.4.4. Hallowed Bar (10)

4.4.5. Deviating Energy (10)

4.4.6. Soul of Sight (5)

4.4.7. Soul of Might (5)

4.4.8. Soul of Fright (5)

4.5. Pure Heart

4.5.1. Corrupt Heart

4.5.2. Gutted Heart

4.5.3. Purification Powder (30)

4.5.4. Green Solution (50)

4.5.5. Chlorophyte Bar (5) Chlorophyte Ore (6)

4.5.6. Deviating Energy (5)

4.6. Lump of Flesh

4.6.1. Pungent Eyeball

4.6.2. Skull Charm

4.6.3. Spectre Bar (10) Chlorophyte bar (2) Chlorophyte Ore (6) Ectoplasm

4.6.4. Deviating Energy (10)

4.7. Chalice of the Moon

4.7.1. Magical Bulb

4.7.2. Lizahrd Treasure Box

4.7.3. Celestial Rune

4.7.4. Solar Fragment (10)

4.7.5. Vortex Fragment (10)

4.7.6. Nebula Fragment (10)

4.7.7. Stardust Fragment (10)

4.7.8. Deviating Energy (10)

4.8. Heart of the Eternal

4.8.1. Pumpking's Cape

4.8.2. Ice Queen's Crown

4.8.3. Saucer Control Console

4.8.4. Betsy's Heart

4.8.5. Mutant Antibodies

4.8.6. Galactic Globe

4.8.7. Luminite bar (15)

4.8.8. Deviating Energy (10)

4.9. Abominable Scale (15)

4.10. Deviating Energy (15)

5. Eternal Energy (30)