#4: Project Plan

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#4: Project Plan by Mind Map: #4: Project Plan

1. Promoted articles

1.1. Getting started: How to plan your first RV trip

1.2. travel protection

1.3. Getting started - How to list your first RV guide for owners

2. FAQ (top)

2.1. Owner

2.1.1. How/when do I get paid? (payout schedule)

2.1.2. What insurance do I need and what does it cover?

2.1.3. How much does it cost me to list my RV? (service fee)

2.1.4. What if my RV gets damaged?

2.1.5. How do I get more bookings?

2.1.6. What should I do to protect my unit from potential damage/problems/claims/dispute CYA

2.2. Renter

2.2.1. Rental requirements: Age, Insurance, Drivers licence, etc.

2.2.2. Why do I need to do first? (campsite res vs RV rental?

2.2.3. Cancellation policy

2.2.4. What questions should I ask an owner?

2.2.5. Roadside Coverage

2.2.6. Service Fees

2.2.7. Towing requirements

2.2.8. Insurance: what is the coverage? what is a deductible and how does it work? can I opt out if I have my own insurance?

2.2.9. RV campsite setup

2.2.10. What's included in a rental?

2.2.11. what happens if i need to end the rental early?

2.2.12. Cleaning responsibilities

2.2.13. what kind of costs should I expect

2.2.14. Understanding the deductible vs the insuranc amoutn that was included in the rental invoice

2.2.15. confusion thinking they can opt out of insurance completely

3. Glossary

3.1. RV terminology

3.2. EZ Match

3.3. Instant booking

3.4. RV delivery

3.5. RV types

3.6. Inssurance terms

4. Booking/listing Stages

4.1. Renter

4.1.1. Searching

4.1.2. Making a request

4.1.3. Instant booking

4.1.4. insurance

4.1.5. Making a payment

4.1.6. Pick up and drop off

4.1.7. EZYmatch - confusion and how to turn off

4.2. Owner

4.2.1. Draft RV

4.2.2. RV Listed

4.2.3. RV Verified

4.2.4. RV Unpublished

4.3. Dispute/claim

4.3.1. Incident occurs

4.3.2. Dispute/claim logged

4.3.3. First contact made

4.3.4. evidence/docs collected

4.3.5. Claim reviewed

4.3.6. Repairs auth

4.3.7. Repairs completed

4.3.8. Garage paid

4.3.9. Claim closed

5. New articles

5.1. RV troubleshooting

5.2. How to get my RV to rank higher/How to get more bookings

5.3. What happens if the RV owner doesn't show up?

5.4. Roadside incident guide

5.5. Insurance guide

5.6. What documents are required to open an insurance claim?

6. Epic

6.1. Glossary - Malcolm and Alex

6.2. Promoted articles - update top 6 - Fanny

6.3. High priority articles to draft

6.3.1. -How to list an RV - Evelyn / Ben

6.3.2. Maintenance reminders

6.4. process to triage articles - Maha

6.5. Ben - helps Fanny and Maha with Jira