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Idea Donation Center #MyTEDxIdea by Mind Map: Idea Donation Center #MyTEDxIdea

1. What

1.1. Donate your best ideas worth spreading

1.1.1. at the booth in the Ridderzaal

1.1.2. via Twitter #MyTEDxIdea

2. Some Ideas from the Red Wire

2.1. A gradle to gradle system to create food from waste

2.2. Change to save the world

2.3. Hightech to use sunpower

2.4. Insects feed the world

2.5. Bulletdestroyer

2.6. Exchange economy instead of Money

2.7. Less pollution more sustainability

2.8. Mistakes are gold

2.9. Create empathy between people

2.10. Water for everyone

2.11. Small thinks innovate

2.12. Bamboe als hardhoutvervanger

2.13. Teleportation

2.14. Time maschine

2.15. Teachers rule the world

3. Poetry Jockeys

3.1. Look in the notes for a poem made by donated ideas!