Features of Slang

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Features of Slang by Mind Map: Features of Slang

1. Freshness

1.1. It's modern

1.1.1. E.g: Lit, extra, salty

2. Innovation

2.1. It enriches language

2.2. It creates new vocabulary

2.3. It creates new meanings to alredy existing words

3. Secrecy

3.1. It acts as a secret language among people

3.2. It helps encode information from outsiders

4. Intimacy

4.1. It helps discuss taboo subjects openly

4.1.1. E.g: chick, put out, batty boy

5. Jocularity

5.1. It adds humour to the conversation

5.1.1. E.g: kiki, slay, periodt, spill the tea

6. Offensiveness

6.1. It makes people angry/upset

6.1.1. E.g: Fag, bitch, motherfucker

7. Mitigation

7.1. It softens the offensiveness of a slang

7.1.1. E.g: Frick, crap, darn