Innovation as a Dutch experience

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Innovation as a Dutch experience by Mind Map: Innovation as a Dutch experience

1. Who

1.1. Daan Roosegaarde

1.2. Profile on TEDxBinnenhof

1.3. New node

2. we live ins a shifting world

2.1. to digital

3. merging nature en technology

3.1. lights and sound

4. eplore a new field

4.1. make dresses

4.1.1. intimacy 2.0

4.2. that change colour when become more intimate

4.3. what does intimacy means in a digital world

4.4. the dress that becomes transparent when a woman's turned on

5. interactivity

5.1. dancing floors

5.2. when dancing on the floor one creates energy

5.2.1. 25 watt

6. roads

6.1. roads dont look appealing

6.2. hack landscapes in pieces

6.3. morp sustainable dance floor to roads

6.4. charging electric cars via road

6.5. smart roads

6.5.1. creates energy

6.6. route 66 of the future

6.7. this is a west story

6.7.1. two gang who fall in love with innovation

7. create the missing link

7.1. merge realities

7.2. find new ways

7.3. fantasy vs pragmatisme

7.4. beauty vs bullshit

7.5. ready to update reality

7.6. half priest / half entrepeneur mentality

8. "yes but"

8.1. chair: when you say those words you het a ligth shock

8.2. those two words are the most creative destructive

9. New node

10. What

10.1. Innovation as a Dutch experience