business and colours

mapa mental de uso de colores

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business and colours by Mind Map: business and colours

1. red

1.1. it means

1.1.1. power bold attitude good luck

1.2. it is use in the logo of cocacola

2. green

2.1. Is the colour of de money and nature

2.1.1. suggest jealousy

2.2. it is use for bank´s and petroleum

2.3. know it represent political to

3. blue

3.1. intellect

3.1.1. trust

3.2. worthines

3.2.1. dependability

3.3. use

3.3.1. in bank´s logos big companies

4. brown

4.1. suggets

4.1.1. solidity neutrality

4.2. it use for a big company in USA

5. purple

5.1. it means

5.1.1. wear only by the inperial family

5.1.2. leaderchip and luxuri

5.2. is rarely use in big companys on its own

6. orange

6.1. bold

6.1.1. brigh lively

6.2. sugesst

6.2.1. energy and dynamic

6.3. it is use by alot o companys from the air sector

7. yellow

7.1. is

7.1.1. fun youthful

7.2. it is use by many companys of contruction companies

7.2.1. also by koda

7.2.2. photographic company