Casey Interview

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Casey Interview by Mind Map: Casey Interview

1. Onpage

2. Offpage

3. Content Marketing

3.1. Guides

3.1.1. What is case interview

3.1.2. How do i get a case interview

3.1.3. How do i prepare for a case interview

3.1.4. What do case interviewers look for

3.2. Case Interview Examples

3.2.1. McKinsey Case Interview Preparation (2020 Update)

3.2.2. BCG Case Interview Preparation Resources (2020 Update)


3.2.4. Case interview examples - McKinsey, BCG, Bain, etc.

3.2.5. Google PM interview: the only post you'll need to read

3.3. List Posts

3.3.1. Top Consulting Firms

3.3.2. MECE: 3 secrets for the perfect framework