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Lemonade by Mind Map: Lemonade

1. About Full Service Advertising Agency Lemonade is proudly located in Oakland, CA. As Chief Strategist of Lemonade, Trevor is the company's number 1 Brand Ambassador, premier strategic agency growth efforts and day-to-day operations. He is experienced in both creative and also business strategy, fusing a passion for branded content and a profound understanding of how to distribute and market the completed works of our clients. At Lemonade, the team drives brand growth by getting a value-based approach to marketing. Giving clients appreciation, supporting their cause, and encouraging them with excellent content. No one has time for bland marketing. It needs to be energizing and refreshing. If this is what you are seeking - get in touch with us right now! Contact Information Address: 66 Franklin Street, Oakland, CA 94607 USA Phone: 415.800.2012 Website: