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1. Definition

1.1. The process of sub-delimiting a subject for such narrower generalization

2. Objective

2.1. To divide a subject into classes distinct from one another

2.1.1. Common

2.1.2. Separate

3. By Janos

3.1. Basis- Amount of physical violence and objectives of insurgents

3.1.1. Strikes

3.1.2. Demonstrations

3.1.3. Terrorism

3.1.4. Guerilla warfare

3.1.5. Civil war

3.1.6. Insurrection

3.1.7. Coup de force

4. Need to realize

4.1. No more/less arbitary a process than delimitation

4.1.1. Reasonable balance inclusion/ exclusion

4.1.2. Reduce ambiguities surrounding theoritical treatment of concrete events

4.2. Why so disparate

4.2.1. Base on writers Element Elements(combination) Crucial to writers Determinant variables in dependent variables

5. Often seems essentially arbitrary

5.1. A matter merely of stating concepts and defining them

5.2. Varieties of classificatory schemes

5.2.1. Increasing misunderstanding

5.2.2. Positive barrier to development of knowledge

6. By Kornhauser

6.1. Base on authority structure

7. By Thorton

7.1. Basis- destructive force

7.1.1. Terror

7.1.2. Conventional warfare

7.1.3. Guerilla warfare

7.1.4. Example French revolution May not describe whole events Only part of events Either phases in thier development Or concurrent but distinguishable phenomena

8. Conclusion

8.1. Classification based on elements

8.2. Not internal war classifications

8.3. Classifications of internal war? Not at all

8.4. Classification is a complex phenomena

8.5. Base on various elements

8.5.1. Ideal(pure) type Fit logically from theorist point of view

8.5.2. Concrete type Combination of elements found in concrete experience