Teaching Philosophy

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Teaching Philosophy by Mind Map: Teaching Philosophy

1. Education is supposed to help students find the right path to go down once the graduate

2. Education is to help give young mind a head start in their adult lives.

3. Goals

3.1. My goal is to not only be there for my students education but be there for them emotionally.

3.2. I hope to provide Students with new information and not just teach them the minimum requirements.

3.3. I want my students to be exited to walk into my class every day.

4. The purpose of education

5. Teaching methods

5.1. Students will be in groups so they can share ideas and help one another

5.2. For Individual work or tests the desk will be set up in rows

5.3. I will teach my students testing skills so they can practice them.

5.4. For those that have a learning disability I will personally help them in and out of class to get the grades they deserve.

6. assessing students needs

6.1. I want all my students to feel welcome and included

6.2. Any students with disabilities will have a first class ticket for extra help by me

6.3. I would like to keep students in groups so they are able to help their peers