Joel Barajas/ENGL 102

Joel Barajas/ENGL 102

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Joel Barajas/ENGL 102 by Mind Map: Joel Barajas/ENGL 102

1. Rhetorical Awareness (Course Goal): Learn strategies for analyzing texts’ audiences, purposes, and contexts as a means of developing facility in reading and writing.

1.1. Personal Goal: Further my understanding of rhetorical situations and applying that knowledge to various writing genres such as posters and argumentative essays

1.1.1. Module 2 For Peer Review Digital Poster

2. Critical Thinking & Composing (Course Goal): Use reading and writing for purposes of critical thinking, research, problem solving, action, and participation in conversations within and across different communities.

2.1. Personal Goal:Develop my primary and secondary research abilities so that I can integrate them into my academic and personal writings.

2.1.1. Project #1 Final

3. Conventions (Course Goal): Understand conventions as related to purpose, audience, and genre, including such areas as mechanics, usage, citation practices, as well as structure, style, graphics, and design.

3.1. Personal Goal: Learn about the design, language, and structure conventions of posters in an academic setting

3.1.1. Full Draft Project #2

4. Reflection & Revision: Understand composing processes as flexible and collaborative, drawing upon multiple strategies and informed by reflection.

4.1. Personal Goal: Improve upon my abilities to archive, improve upon my abilities to reflect, and to be able to express my reflection process effectively.

4.1.1. Project #1 Archiving & Reflecting (DD11HW3)