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nervous system by Mind Map: nervous system

1. communication steps

1.1. a cell releases the signaling molecule by attaching it to a redeptor in another cell

1.2. then a signal is converted into a shape which affects the receiving cell that receives signals

1.3. last cell changes as a result of the signal sent

2. the nervous system are organ systems that promote communication throughout the body

2.1. ,The information does not travel in one address, it goes to all the dirrections

2.2. series of neurons interconnected in a mesh

2.3. does not contain central brain

3. central nervous system

3.1. spinal cord

3.1.1. is that it joins all the connections in the body so that the signals are transmitted.

3.2. brain

3.2.1. It is in charge of processing all the signals sent and also sending them

4. nerves

4.1. A group of white nerve fibers conducts pulses between the central nervous system and other parts of the body..

4.1.1. somatic nerves: run to and from the spinal cord and send information to and from the muscles and senses. .

4.1.2. automatic nerves control the involuntary or partially voluntary activities of your body, including heart rate, blood pressure, digestion, and temperature regulation..

5. neurons

5.1. structure

5.1.1. body with central nucleus and other organs.

5.1.2. Interneurons and motor neurons have dendrites.

5.1.3. an axon which transmits and detects electrical signals.

5.2. types

5.2.1. sensory neuron Detect a stimulus.

5.2.2. interneurons Send and receive signals from other neurons.

5.2.3. motor neurons Control muscles and glands.

6. how messages are send?


6.1.1. Fluid-filled region between the axon terminal and the receiving cell.


6.2.1. is where axon sends the signals to the other cell.


6.3.1. .is a signaling molecule for example when the motor neuron releases lebera actylcholine