Chapter One: The General and Special Educator

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Chapter One: The General and Special Educator by Mind Map: Chapter One: The General and Special Educator

1. “There are so many benefits to co-teaching.” -Lisa (general education teacher)

2. When observing and teaching Mathew

2.1. special education classroom he was unable to focus, and completed no work

2.2. inclusion classroom he became confident, engaged, and socialized with peers.

3. Students with disabilities used to be taught mainly at home, and are now being introduced to inclusive classrooms much more frequently.

4. Professionals have learned many things when observing

4.1. need to recognize that educators can/have been wrong

4.2. thinking needs to be shifted at times

4.3. by being collaborative creativity is increased

4.4. ake the time to design purposeful learning experiences

4.5. engage in supporting students behaviors

4.6. create social relationships between students and yourself

4.7. create supportive systems for each student

5. Definitions to know

5.1. Social Model of Disability

5.2. Inclusive Classrooms

5.3. Therapy Room

5.4. Resource Rooms

5.5. Self-contained Classroom

5.6. Self-contained Schoo