Conversation - a vanishing skill?

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Conversation - a vanishing skill? by Mind Map: Conversation - a vanishing skill?

1. Society is changing

2. SMS and Email are more convenient

3. In the past you went to university to ask questions

4. today you can send a question by email from conveniently from home

5. Younger people are using more and more text messages and fewer calls but this is not only among the younger ones so the older ones are changing the same way

6. There is also something important lost

7. people's personality changes but it is important to communicate personally as you need it for the workplace and personal relationships

8. prefer texting

9. lazy

10. Body Language

11. The body language, facial expressions and tone will be lost if you don't hear and see each other

12. Grammar

13. People's grammar satisinuly worsening whether young or old

14. with an SMS or email fewer and fewer people pay attention to spelling because you don't work with dot and comma as often

15. communication divide

16. face to face conversation

17. no face to face comunication

18. school

19. distracted

20. talkers vs. texting

21. The Statistics of Pew Internet & American Life Project

22. which nowadays many people prefer SMS as phone callsg

23. young people the most

24. Communication difference