Project: Fluffy's Dog House

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Project: Fluffy's Dog House by Mind Map: Project: Fluffy's Dog House

1. Tasks that need to be done:

1.1. Plan out the schedule that I will be following over the 2 week period

1.2. Figure out where the dog house will be placed

1.3. Ask Alice what kind of features she would like with/in the dog house

1.4. Get all of the materials

1.5. Build the dog house

1.6. Once complete, test the strength of the dog house for safety and durability

1.7. Get all my questions answered

1.7.1. - What features would you like? - How big would you like it? - Is it going to be inside or outside? - Would you like a doggy door, or no door? - What kind of bedding would you like on the inside?

2. Deliverables:

2.1. Comfortable dog bed that keeps the dog at a nice temperature, whether it is cold or hot outside

2.2. Decorated and completely furnished Doghouse

2.3. Doghouse that was completed in two weeks

3. Materials needed:

3.1. wood

3.2. screws

3.3. drill and bits

3.4. tools

3.5. insulation

3.6. bedding

3.7. dog feeding/water bowls

3.8. dog toys