Seven Habits of Successful Students

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Seven Habits of Successful Students by Mind Map: Seven Habits of Successful Students

1. 1. Passion: Once discovered, this passion can be a source of energy and motivation for academic work.

2. 2. Social support. Successful students get involved with other people. They spend time with their friends and put energy .

3. 3. Talk to the teachers. Students who speak to professors in the first six weeks of school are more likely to stay in college.

4. 4. Organization. There is no one correct way to organize. Different people need different approaches.

5. 5. Strategic and resourceful. Successful students have a habit of thinking about upcoming demands and taking advantage of available resources to prepare for them.

6. 7. Committed. Successful students commit to doing whatever it takes to be successful.

7. 6. Balance. Your mother is right. Sleep, exercise, eat right, and spend time with the people you care about and your other interests.