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breakfast by Mind Map: breakfast

1. I am Fadimenur. I like butter, honey, bagel and jam at breakfast. I also drink tea. I don't like eggs, coffee, muffins, pancake, cheese, tomatoes and cucumber. I don't drink apple juice.

2. I am Nihat. I like egg, tea, cheese and olives. I don't like tomatoes, green olives and quince jam. I love fried egg and pancake.

3. I am İsmailcan. I like eggs, olives, cheese, butter and tea at breakfast. I like cucumber and tomatoes. I don't like sausages.

4. I am Ayşenur. I like tea, butter, salami and toast. I don't like cheese, tomatoes, cucumber. I love chocolate and eggs. I hate honey, black olives and jam.

5. I am Gülseren. I like tea, bread with butter, olives, eggs and walnut. I don't like tomatoes. I hate cheese.

6. I am Mustafa. I like bagel, coffee, eggs, muffin and tomatoes. I don't like croissant and pancake.

7. I am Zeynep. I like milk, jam and bagels at breakfast. I drink tea. I don't like cereal, olives, croissant and tomatoes. I love eggs and sausages. I don't drink coffee. I like apple juice.

8. I am Kübra. I like butter, olives, cheese, jam and bagel. I drink tea. I don't like eggs, black olives and honey. I like green olives. I like milk, tea and apple juice.

9. I am Hilal. I like olives, fried eggs, bread and cheese. I don't like jam and honey. I like tea, orange juice and milk. I don't like coffee.