Dreaming of Solidarity Matters phase 3

Exploring how to support solidarity across difference and distance

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Dreaming of Solidarity Matters phase 3 by Mind Map: Dreaming of Solidarity Matters phase 3

1. Mechanism for creating new diverse groups and matching them with facilitator/s

1.1. Simple form to support matching (include availability)

1.2. Matching process which prioritises healthy diversity

1.3. Finding the right facilitator/s

1.3.1. Training Apprenticing?

1.3.2. Quality assurance

1.3.3. Resilience - 2 per group?

1.4. Support for less privileged participants

2. Simple process & content for an initial phase

3. Simple, compelling framing

3.1. Space for people to connect across difference and deepen their understanding and experience of solidarity?

3.2. What might be different about this space?

3.2.1. Individuals not groups or organisations

3.2.2. Power - trauma - interconnectedness informed

3.2.3. Connecting across struggles, sectors, geographies and identities

4. Clear invitation

4.1. What is expected of participants

4.2. What will be offered

5. Underpinning all aspects of the design and implementation - a shared understanding of...

5.1. Why solidarity matters?

5.2. What blocks solidarity?

5.3. What tools, practices, principles help overcome the obstacles to solidarity?

5.4. This understanding is deepening and evolving as more people get involved

5.5. Power - trauma - interconnectedness informed

6. Sustainable funding model which enables peer to peer support

6.1. Transparent - everyone can see what resources are coming into the community and how they are being used

6.2. More affluent individuals can support the participation of people with more precarious livelihoods

7. Collaboration platform enables...

7.1. Everyone to access basic process guide and materials

7.2. New groups to be visible as they form and to communicate with each other during the initial phase

7.3. Groups and individuals to share learning, materials, information etc. - between as well as within groups

7.4. Deepening collective inquiry into the meaning and potential of solidarity

7.5. New collaborations to form and spin off

8. Facilitators

8.1. Training?

8.1.1. Apprenticing

8.2. Quality assurance

8.3. Payment

8.3.1. Wealth exchange??

9. Transparent Governance

9.1. Visible and diverse stewarding group

9.2. Clarity about when and how new people can join the stewarding group

9.3. Clarity about how decisions are made